Mail Box Project

Update: The transition to the new mailboxes has gone well. Winter residents are receiving their mail and packages are being delivered throughout the community. 

As a reminder to those returning to the village, please obtain a change of address card from your post office, and complete it with your White Mountain Vacation Village street address. Be sure to use the directional identifier such as E, W, N, or S. All streets with the exception of Vacation Village Drive require a directional identifier. 

If you are unsure about your correct address or have any questions contact Linda at 417-676-0142. HOAMCO is no longer involved with the village mailboxes or keys. 

For years, getting mail and packages in the Village has been a challenge, both for the Unites States Postal Service and the residents. The WMVV Board has been working with the USPS and the facilities at the clubhouse to resolve many of the issues that have come up. It is ESSENTIAL that each resident play their part the transition that will take place in the next few months. Please follow the instructions below:

Mailbox Project To Convert PO Box Numbers To WMVV Street Addresses

General Information:

If You Leave the Area For the Winter:

Before You Leave:

Prior To Returning In the Spring:

When You Return To the Area:

Your WMVV street address is your mail and package address after Thanksgiving weekend. However, you may want to delay changing addresses on items like bills, magazines, bank accounts, etc. until you complete your Change Of Address prior to returning. The Post Office will forward mail from the 2050 Vacation Village Dr. PO Box #### for an extended period of time to assist In your changes.

If You Remain At the Village Year-Round:

Prior To Thanksgiving Day:

Q and A:

Do I need to put in a change of address? Yes, everyone wintering in Show Low should already have turned in a change of address.

I tried to change my address online and it would not take? Please obtain a change of address form from the post office and process it manually. This will ensure the change when Phoenix is through with their end. Until then Janet will continue to process manually.

I tried to change my address online with my bank or other company and it wouldn’t take my new street address? The best way to handle this is to call the institution and have a customer service representative make the change in your account. I did this with my bank because the system didn’t like my “E” in E Hanging Tree Trl. It worked, no problem. The representative was able to make the change.

I haven’t been receiving my mail and I always get mail everyday? Let me first take this opportunity to thank all of you for your patience and understanding. Normally, a change of address delays your mail because it is handled separately in the postal system. If you believe it has taken too long please call me and I will research it with the post office. Please allow at least 7 to 10 days, I’m sure it will catch up.

I am wintering down state but do not usually put in a change of address since I don’t get much mail. Should I have put one in? Yes please fill out a change of address form manually and take it to the post office. The change should be from your 2050 Vacation Village Post box number to your WMVV Street Address.