Fire Safety

Living in a forested area means understanding the potential risk of a wildfire. The documents on this page can help prepare the residents of White Mountain Vacation Village if wildfire comes to or close to the Village.

It is the responsibility of each Homeowner in WMVV, and their visitors or renters, to be familiar with the emergency evacuation plan created by the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) of WMVV. Every resident and/or visitor and is encouraged to participate in the Ready, Set, Go program of Navajo County. In no way does the WMVV Board of Directors or the RAC of WMVV hold any responsibility for the evacuation of any persons, pet, or possession/property of an owner/resident or their guest(s) whether on the owner/resident’s property or anywhere on within the WMVV property.

To be properly prepared for an emergency:

Here are some links to documents that you can read to better understand the risks and actions you need to consider in living in a forested area.