May 2022

WMVV Residents:

As we welcome the 2022 summer season, it’s a great time to be a part of all that is going on in White Mountain Vacation Village.

SO MANY people are stepping up to help sustain and improve the desirability of residing and owning property in our exclusive village. Some examples are:

  • The Activities Committee (headed by Jim Larson) is busy planning/scheduling a lot of fun events that are posted to the new and improved activities calendar. The calendar is posted on our website and in the clubhouse.

  • The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) (headed by John Kosir) has spent many hours rewriting the ARC guidelines and procedures to make them much more user friendly. These are posted on the WMVV website or you may contact HOAMCO.

  • The Communications Committee (headed by Jon Peake) is busy at work with projects including a new digital directory that will roll out soon. They also have redesigned our web site for ease of use. Homeowner “only” information requires a personal login to that part of our website.

  • The Infrastructure Committee (headed by Sylvia Coats) is digging into road projects, Wi-Fi, drainage, and other needs of our community which you will start to see the results of soon.

  • The Board of Directors (headed by Roy Chamberlin) is evaluating, overseeing and working on projects and needs of the entire community. We are here to help and welcome you to attend the Saturday morning Coffee Socials where at least one board member will be present and available for questions and comments.

  • The Welcome Committee (headed by Roy Chamberlin) is planning meetings for new residents to help them get involved.

  • The Owners Survey Ad Hoc Committee (headed by Roy Chamberlin) is working to assess the owners survey and develop strategic actions.

  • The Safety Committee (headed by Don Murray) is providing suggested measures to assist residents of the community. This information can be found on our website.

  • HOAMCO manager Sherry Watson is working above the required level of our contract to assist the community in its transition to an owner lead HOA.

If you are one of the MANY people who have stepped up to help on one of the committees or in general within our community, the Board of Directors and the Community thank you and recognize your spirit of partnership and commitment in improving our village.

If you are a resident who is wondering how you can get involved, please contact one of the Board of Directors. We will assist you in finding a good place for you to use your talents.

With so much happening, there is always room for suggestions and constructive criticism. If you are a resident with an idea or a concern, the Board of Directors and Committee members want to hear from you. Please direct your questions and comments to the Community Manager. As a reminder and with all due respect, a professional level of communication is always heard more receptively than communication that is brought on with inappropriate attitude, language, or ill will. Please remember, all our committee members, including the Board of Directors, are serving on a volunteer basis. We are all neighbors, acquaintances, and friends and should treat each other with a spirit of support and respect as we all want what is best for our village.

Updated “Guidelines for Community Living” are posted on the Resident Page of WMVV website. The Board is providing the Homeowners time to bring any non-compliant items into compliance, prior to inspections. Some items are new so please be sure you read through the document and ensure you comply by June 15, 2022. If you need a time extension to bring your property into compliance, please contact WMVV Association Manager at The goal is that every property owner will improve any/all opportunities on their lot in accordance with the guidelines and their specific CC&Rs and bring those issues to standard without compliance actions being taken.

One opportunity we would like to ask your help with is not exceeding the speed limit when driving in the village. Most of us (not all) are guilty at one time or another of exceeding the 15 MPH speed limit. Safety and consideration of others are the reasons to slow down. Many streets are narrow, the speed limit needs to be adhered to. There are lots of adults and some children walking, biking, and ‘at play’ in the village and we don’t want anyone hurt.

It is going to be a great summer and future in the village. Thank you again to all volunteers for all you do. Welcome to everyone. If you feel left out of some activity, contact the activity coordinator and get involved. It’s the best way to get to know your neighbors and feel a part at White Mountain Vacation Village.


WMVV Board of Directors