Welcome to 6500’ Elevation!

Every Summertime, in addition to many people who call WMVV home year-round, The Village begins to come alive with a variety of activities and fun as residents reconnect with neighbors they haven’t seen in a while!

WMVV is a unique community and, as a resident, it’s important that you are familiar with information on the WMVV website. Below are links to a few of the documents and web pages you may want to take a look at (these can also be found on the vertical navigation bar on the home page of the WMVV website).

Activities Calendar

Animals in the Village

Architectural Review & CC&Rs

Fire Safety

Guidelines for Community Living

Homeowners Guide and FAQ’s

Homeowner Management Contact

Village Map

On the Homepage of the WMVV website you’ll find the link to the Resident Pages and there are even handy instructions on how to access the Resident Pages called, How to Get to the Resident Pages.

In the Resident Pages section, you’ll find the Resident Directory, Board Meeting Minutes, Board and Committee members names, WMVV Financial Documents, and more. If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to reach out to the Communications Committee utilizing that, Send a Comment, link

Looking for a place to volunteer your time and talents? There are SO MANY places you can plug-in to help the Village run. Here are some examples of the way residents are working to make WMVV a place we all enjoy.

  • The Board of Directors evaluates, oversees, and works on projects and needs of the entire community. Saturday morning, Coffee Socials will have at least one Board Member in attendance to welcome you and be available for questions or comments.

  • The Activities Committee is always planning and scheduling a lot of fun events that are posted to the new and improved activities calendar. The calendar is posted on our website and in the clubhouse.

  • The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is the place you may fit in if you have experience in the building industry by profession or as a novice!

  • The Communications Committee works in the background providing content and updates on the updated WMVV website, helping during HOA meetings with audio/video, and responding to simple questions and suggestions you may have. Contact them by the handy link on the Homepage of the WMVV Website; look for, “Send a Comment”.

  • The Infrastructure Committee digs into road projects, Wi-Fi, drainage, and other needs of our community.

  • The Welcome Committee helps new residents get involved.

  • The Safety Committee provides suggested measures to assist residents of the community. This information can be found on our website.

There is always something happening in The Village, but there is room for suggestions and constructive criticism. If you are a resident with an idea or a concern, the Board of Directors and Committee members want to hear from you. Please direct your questions and comments to the HOAMCO Community Manager, Bryan Zdanowski. You can email him at bzdanowski@hoamco.com. He will then get them to the appropriate group.

As a reminder and with all due respect, a professional level of communication is always heard more receptively than communication that is brought on with inappropriate attitude, language, or ill will. Please remember, all our committee members, including the Board of Directors, are serving on a volunteer basis. We are all neighbors, acquaintances, and friends and should treat each other with a spirit of support and respect as we all want what is best for our village.

An important note, it’s imperative that we all adhere to the 15 MPH speed limit set in The Village for the safety and consideration of others. Many streets are narrow and there are lots of adults, and oftentimes children, walking, biking, and ‘at play’ in the village; we don’t want anyone to get hurt.

WMVV is a wonderful place to call home, whether you are here during the summer months or year-round! The WMVV Board of Directors is thankful for all the volunteer hours that help The Village operate. If you are wondering how you can get involved, contact a committee head or Board member to see how The Village can use your talents. Getting involved is the best way to get to know your neighbors and feel a part at White Mountain Vacation Village!


WMVV Board of Directors